Bohemia Interactive Simulations and Caspian Learning have jointly launched VBSWorlds. VBSWorlds takes the best from both Caspian and Bohemia’s technology stable and delivers real benefits to the military and first responder training and education communities. It enables the creation of single player 3D simulations faster than any other scenario generator, it utilises the vast VBS2 art library and allows the publishing of 3D applications to secure browsers and mobile devices.

VBSWorlds is the first major product launch from the joint venture created by Bohemia Interactive Simulations and Caspian Learning earlier in 2010. It is a 3D simulation platform that was designed and developed to solve major educational and training issues experienced by simulation customers. VBSWorlds enables 3D simulations to be:

  • Theatre Responsive – developed in rapid timescales
  • Integrated – interoperability with and re-use of the vast VBS2 art library
  • Networked – can be housed and delivered through secure intranets
  • Mobile – can be consumed through standard web browsers and on new mobile devices

VBSWorlds enables a far wider number of learning scenarios to become eligible use cases for 3D simulations. Anything from transferring static ppt educational sessions, through to the creation of advanced single player mission rehearsals, can be achieved through VBSWorlds.