Codan (ASX-CDA), headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, and Codan US, today announced its new RC50-C high-frequency (HF) modem for the Codan 2110M (military) manpack radio. The new 9,600bps modem provides high speed transmission of email, imagery, and other applications over challenging HF networks.

Andrew Sheppard, vice president and general manager, Military and Security Division, Codan US, said: “The RC50-C modem has been greatly anticipated by customers worldwide. We are currently participating in trials with a number of customers who are testing the new release of the modem with their Codan 2110M radios. The modem is in compliance with military standard (MIL-STD) 188-110B and will support future NATO interoperable waveforms.”

The RC50-C modem supports Microsoft Outlook e-mail software which is integrated to the 2110M manpack radios, and provides an HF wireless gateway to connect to Ethernet networks to enable future networking applications. Fully integrated with the automatic link establishment (ALE) capabilities of the Codan 2110M radio, the RC50-C provides easier data connections with optimum channel selection and throughput.

Codan radios are in use in more than 150 countries, and are renowned for providing fast, simple and reliable voice and data communications. In addition to Codan’s recent release of the 2110M manpack radio, more than 60,000 of Codan’s new generation transceiver (NGT) series of HF radios have sold since its release in 1997. With compliance to MIL-STD-188-141B ALE (JITC Certified), FED-STD-1045 ALE, interoperability with commercial and other military grade radios, frequency hopping and voice encryption, these transceivers further strengthen Codan’s legendary reputation for quality and exceptional value.