On the battlefield, events are unpredictable, and things happen
fast—and when a soldier is injured, time is always against you.
In a life-or-death situation, quick access to your medical equipment
is vital, and can often mean the difference between saving lives
and losing them. But rapid access is only half the battle: if your gear is damaged in transit, all the speed in the world won’t matter.

Fortunately, Hardigg has the solution: the 8 Drawer Medical Case.
Designed to meet the specific needs of military medics, the 8 Drawer
Medical Case delivers critical life-saving equipment to the field intact and ready to go. The case’s shell is airtight, waterproof, and unbreakable—providing maximum protection from weather,
temperature, and impact. Its unique aluminum drawer system affords
ample storage for all your sensitive medical equipment, and includes a lockable drawer for additional security.

Cabinet sliders are equipped with ball bearings, providing smooth, easy movement—yet drawers won’t pull out completely unless manually released. Inside each drawer, customizable dividers keep your supplies secure, organized, and within reach—and can be reconfigured to meet your changing needs.

The case also features a removable stainless-steel work tray, edge casters for easy transport, and comfort-grip handles for painless lifting and carrying. In addition, multiple cases stack horizontally for safe and efficient shipping. When lives hang in the balance, the 8 Drawer Medical Case ensures that your equipment is ready when you need it—no matter how rough the ride or severe the conditions.