In the face of the threats from terrorism, piracy and organised crime, many homeland security and law enforcement agencies are expressing concern about the protection of personnel finding themselves increasingly in harm’s way. Such growing threats range from small arms to artillery to improvised explosive devices and, to keep pace, personal ballistic protection is developing quickly.

A mainstay of effective personal protection is the overvest or body armour. Comfortable, effective body armour, which gives all-round protection while allowing unrestricted movement, is required for the torso, neck and other areas of the body. Such armour also acts as a load carrying system and, equally importantly, it must be quickly removable if the tactical situation dictates.

To meet such demands, MKU has designed the Instavest, a revolutionary ballistic protection jacket which incorporates a 4P Quick Release System. Made with modern, breathable, fire retardant and water resistant light weight materials, together with highly mass-efficient ceramic composite panel inserts, the Instavest also offers the user a quick release system which permits the removal of the jacket in less than a second and its reassembly in less than 30 seconds. Instavest incorporates an advanced load distribution configuration, protection for the upper arms, neck shoulders and groin and it is available in a wide choice of sizes and colours.
At the Milipol exhibition (Stand 13F012), MKU will be displaying and demonstrating Instavest as part of its wide range of light weight personal and platform armour solutions, many already in service, and will be briefing homeland security and law enforcement procurers and end users on its ballistic protection capabilities.