Small arms manufacturer FN Herstal has issued the list of trade shows the Company will attend in 2011.


20-24 February: IDEX, Abu Dhabi, UAE

12-15 April: LAAD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

13-15 April: EUROPOLTECH, Warsaw, Poland

29 April – 1 May: NRA Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, US

2-3 May: NASGW, Reno, NV, US

10-13 May: IDEF, Istanbul, Turkey

10-13 May: IDET, Brno, Czech Republic

11-15 May: SITDEF, Lima, Peru

17-19 May: SOFIC, Tampa, FL, US

18-19 May: FORUM ENTREPRISES DEFENSE, Paris-Versailles, France

20-26 June: PARIS AIR SHOW, Le Bourget, France

16-21 August: MAKS, Moscow, Russia

5-8 September: MSPO, Kielce, Poland

21-24 September: ARMS & SECURITY, Kiev, Ukraine

27-29 September: MODERN DAY MARINE, Quantico, VA, US

10-12 October: AUSA, Washington, DC, US

18-21 October: MILIPOL, Paris, France

25-27 October: NATD, Ottawa, Canada

2-5 November: DEFENSE & SECURITY, Bangkok, Thailand

17-20 January 2012: SHOT SHOW, Las Vegas, NV, US

Additional events may be added. For an updated schedule, please visit FN HERSTAL’s website.