In an effort to make military units more agile, SAP® and Systematic today announced that SAP will resell Systematic’s SitaWare C2 solution as the SAP Defense Command and Control application by Systematic.

The SAP product portfolio is now extended by a command and control (C2) solution that is mission-proven, easy to deploy and interoperable with installed logistics support systems. The solution can be implemented in an accelerated timeframe, providing quick value to military customers. The benefits provided include full situational awareness based on integrated standard software.

SAP Defense Command and Control delivers additional value to defence customers by providing the building blocks for command and control information systems based on software from Systematic and SAP. It provides a common operational picture of multiple sources and communities of interest. For example, when used with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application SAP ERP, it provides support relationships between suppliers and deployed forces; and when used with SAP® BusinessObjects™ Dashboards software, provides readiness and status reports for personnel, materials and provisions.

“Commanders need not spend so much time concerned with logistical issues,” said Michael Holm, president and CEO of Systematic. “The more we can close the gap between logistic and battle-space management through automation, the more effectively troops can operate. Critical supplies, such as water or ammo, delivered at the right time, right place and in the right quantity can make a significant difference to the success of an operation, and ultimately to the lives of those on the ground. That is what the integration of SAP and Systematic’s products provide.”

Systematic’s situational awareness and decision support software is built on open architecture and adheres to military standards for data exchange, which enables the software to be easily integrated with logistics systems from SAP, either as a complete C2 solution or as a gateway between existing installations. Logistics data from SAP can also be displayed in the Systematic software, allowing commanders to easily compare logistics status reports on the operational readiness of units.

“Systematic’s software brings a significant advantage to SAP customers,” said Angus MacGregor-Millar, head of industry business unit defense, SAP. “For the first time, units on the frontline will be able to automatically report their holdings, such as ammunition and fuel stocks, from their C2 system to their logistics system. This is a leap forward in network-centric warfare and is especially important in the world of frontline logistics.”

SAP Defense Command and Control provides users with a fully scalable C2 capability that fulfils all core requirements for customers straight out of the box, which is easy to procure and rapid to deploy. Systematic will provide SAP customers with C2 capabilities from the highest level of command to those in the frontline.

The collaboration between Systematic and SAP, resulting from this new reseller agreement, is expected to open new markets for both companies. It will provide existing SAP customers access to market-leading, commercially available C2 solutions that integrate with their existing systems, and provide a global channel for Systematic’s situational awareness and decision support solutions.