FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded a contract by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for K0-1 program including the supply of axially mounted HMP250 pods. FN Herstal’s HMP250 features a .50 cal M3P machine gun and a 250 round ammunition box. Pods with 400 round ammunition box and rocket launchers are also available.

The FN Herstal M3P machine gun is specifically designed for airborne applications and offers the following major features and benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • High firing rate for “short time on target” (1,100 RPM)
  • Flash hider for improved accuracy
  • Anti cook-off device for full safety and reliability
  • Rapid installation
  • Left or right feeding

Alongside pod weapon systems, FN Herstal also develops and manufactures weapon mounts and 7.62x51mm cal
MAG 58M machine guns in window positions that are of interest to various Asia-Pacific countries for equipping their multi-mission helicopters.

The FN 7.62 pintle weapon system offers the following benefits:

  • It is fully mechanical – and thus does not require any electrical power – making firing possible even if the carrier faces problems
  • The open bolt firing mode of the 7.62 FN MAG 58M machine gun prevents cook-off, ensuring full safety and reliability
  • The 7.62 FN MAG 58M machine gun mounted on a soft mount guarantees outstanding balance during firing, and therefore provides increased accuracy
  • The 7.62 FN MAG 58M machine gun can fire up to 1,000 RPM with a wide angle of operation
  • Pintle weapon systems are also available in .50 cal, including an M3M machine gun, for even higher firing rate (1,100 RPM) and firepower and longer effective range

For all its product range, FN Herstal develops the complete integration of the system together with the helicopter manufacturer or directly with the end user.

For more information regarding FN Herstal’s airborne solutions, visit us at our booth at SINGAPORE AIRSHOW, booth no. B23 (Belgian Aerospace) or go to