Systematic has begun training administrators and super users for Viking 11, a large scale exercise organised by the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Swedish Armed Forces.

Approximately 25 SitaWare headquarters and 500 SitaWare WebCOP installations will provide situational awareness and decision support to military personnel in all four Swedish locations, as well as remote sites in the Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Georgia and Ireland.

The administrators and super users will control every aspect of the UN mandated crises response operation scenario, which involves military, police and civilians all working together.

“This is a huge undertaking and a first,” says Major Ulf Jinnestrand in the core planning team of Viking 11 (the officer responsible for the system and method of integration for the exercise). “The SitaWare system receives data from all the simulation systems, like the Swedish BAE simulation system, TYR. This data is then replicated to SitaWare installations at the five brigade headquarters, Land Component Command headquarters, as well as to the Combined Air Operations centre and the Maritime Task Force headquarters. Each headquarters also exchanges data with the top level joint headquarters, which cooperates with non-military participants.”

SitaWare WebCOP also takes Link 16 feeds from NATO’s Integrated Air Command and Control system, ICC, to provide a common operational picture to all participants when combined with data from SitaWare headquarters.

Viking 11 is set to take place from 4-15 April 2011 at the main sites in Enköping and Kungsängen, Sweden, and seven remote locations.