Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced that it received an award from Walbridge for the supply of up to four new military test stands, relocation of seven existing test stands, and ten ‘turn-key’ modular, soundproof enclosures for the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) Powertrain Transmission Addition Facility (PTAF) project.

The PTAF project includes a new 109,824 square foot building to house a transmission rebuilding facility complete with an administrative area, a transmission disassembly area, a parts cleaning area, a machine shop area, a packaging and shipping area, assembly area, painting areas, parts storage area, and a transmission dynamometer test area.

The transmission dynamometer test area will house up to 11 dynamometer systems, including four new dynamometer systems and seven relocated dynamometer systems. All dynamometer systems are to be housed in Mustang supplied external, modular, soundproof enclosures attached to the main facility.

These ‘turn-key’ systems will provide the government with state-of-the-art, high throughput test stands to efficiently process the various test articles processed by ANAD. The total value of the award approaches $8million.

The four new test stands will be providing final testing for the following assemblies:

  • X200-4A crossdrive transmission dynamometer for the M113 family of tracked vehicles
  • X1100 hydraulic steer unit dynamometer for the M1 tank family
  • M9ACE steer unit dynamometer for the M9 armoured combat earthmovers
  • Inline transmission dynamometer for the Stryker family of armoured vehicles and the M9 armoured combat earthmovers

The relocated test stands will provide final testing for:

  • X1100 crossdrive transmissions for the M1 tank family
  • X200-4A hydraulic steer units for the M113 family of tracked vehicles
  • MD3066P transmissions for the Stryker family of armoured vehicles
  • XT-1410 crossdrive transmission for the M88 family of recovery and repair tracked vehicles
  • XTG-411 transmissions for the M108/M109/M110 family of self-propelled howitzers
  • CD-850 crossdrive transmission for the M60 tank family

“Mustang is extremely proud to work with Walbridge and the US Army Corps of Engineers on the PTAF project,” says Dean Ganzhorn, Mustang’s president and CEO. “Mustang’s experience with military test stands, especially containerised systems, was key to being awarded this project.”

Mustang Advanced Engineering is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where it has been based since 1986. MAE is a leading supplier of automotive, military, industrial and aerospace testing equipment worldwide.