Combined Systems (CSI), a leading service provider to the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security Agencies, police and military units worldwide, has released a free white paper on the Army-Technology website.

High Explosive 12-Gauge Ammunition

FRAG-12™ is a high-explosive 12-gauge round manufactured and sold exclusively by CSI of Jamestown, PA, US. Originally developed in the UK by The Special Cartridge Company and licensed to CSI by FRAG-12 USA, FRAG-12 ammunition benefits military units involved in urban combat, international defense forces and specialized law enforcement units.

To find out more, download the free white paper here.

CSI’s Non-Lethal Tube Launched Munition Systems

VENOM&#8482 is a high-capacity variable payload launching system mounted on the Ibis-Tek platform. Deployed remotely or on a wide range of land vehicles and marine vessels, the VENOM launcher and munitions are ideal as early warning signals for vehicle check points and for determining intent of approaching marine vessels. It is most effective as a force multiplier, capable of precise delivery of munitions while enhancing the capabilities of area denial and force escalation in riot control situations.

VENOM is a modular launching system accepting three cassettes each loaded with ten cartridges (V-30) or the scaled down, light-weight and portable version accepting one cassette (V-10). Both versions can be integrated into a variety of fire control systems. Each cartridge is assigned an IP address allowing individual cartridge or desired sequence firing from a fire control panel communicating via cable or wireless device. VENOM is capable of delivering a variety of payload options at variable ranges of 30m – 1,000m.

To download this free white paper, click here.