Photonic Optics is a globally active contractor for optical and opto-electronic instruments since 1986. Focusing on its core competencies, optical products for infantry and artillery applications, Photonic enjoys an excellent reputation that is proven by partnerships with numerous armies and renowned system manufacturers.

Photonic has been improving its fire control system (FCS) for crew-served weapons. The FCS is a modular system, consisting of a laser-rangefinder combinable with a daylight sight or a night vision sight. For the effective operation of crew-served weapons for the infantry the exact measurement of the distance is essential. The currently used key components, like image intensifier tubes or eyesafe laser modules guarantee an improved system performance in range and visibility.

The remote trigger optimises the usability without influencing balance and handling of the weapon system.

Quick exchange of daylight and night-vision sights enables rapid reaction to all light conditions. The system is user-friendly to operate, which shortens training time and reduces stress situations for the gunner.

For further information please download the instrument description, which will provide technical details.