Nationwide Structures, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of an 18,000 BTU harsh environment AC unit, designed to operate in desert environments where ambient temperature can reach 130°F.

The new NSI 1800 complements our NSI 3000 30,000 BTU air conditioner originally introduced in July 2009 for effective cooling of smaller structures. The lower capacity units have been developed in direct response to requests from the military for an AC unit with the same rugged construction as the original but in a smaller size for utilization with our mobile, trailer-mounted Armored Gate Shacks (AGS) and smaller fixed booths.

Roof mount AC units are especially effective for use on our hardened guard booths where wall penetrations are not an option. The units are virtually maintenance free and are available in both 60 HZ and 50 HZ power.

Retrofit kits are available to convert existing booths with standard RV type roof mount AC units to the new harsh and desert environment units. Each kit is designed based on the roof opening dimensions and curbs as well as the electrical wiring in the existing booth(s).

For more information please contact, or visit our website at for more detailed information about these units as well as our other structures and security products.