Phantom Technologies LTD has launched a new generation
of Smart Cellular Jammers. Our new SMJ1890 has been designed for blocking all kinds of cellular standards in the world. Using state-of-art technology for maximum performance SMJ1890 has been designed with the capabilities of jamming specific channels inside the cellular networks bands.

The unit is controlled by Microprocessor for PLL & DDS programming and jamming of downlink and uplink is possible in the same time.

SMJ1890 is based on DDS technology provides extra high rate channel sweeping.

The user can control output power of each band by programmable attenuator. Output power can be varied from 5W up to 100W within 1dB steps.

Our SMJ1890 will provide you with the most efficient
and flexible jamming abilities!

System main features include:

  • Extra high rate channels sweeping
  • Easy to use programming interface
  • High VSWR protection
  • Built-in filter for minimum RF interference outside the jamming bands
  • Up to three jamming bands inside the 19In rack

The jammers are ideal for use in high-security environments, including prisons, military facilities, police facilities and governmental facilities.