Sital Technology, a leading provider of Mil-Std-1553 IP cores and products, announced today the release of its new Mil-Std-1553/USB tester. The small and light footprint box is designed for those who need to evaluate, test and develop Mil-Std-1553 applications.

“We are very happy that we can now offer more products and value to our customers”, said Duli Yariv, VP Marketing and Sales of Sital Technology.

“Our new 1553/USB tester is innovative, yet simple and cost-effective ” Mr. Yariv added.


  • Two channels Mil-Std-1553B Bus tester
  • Suitable for any MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT, MT testing USB 2.0 interface to PC, allows real time tester control
  • Optional four channels of RS-422 for additional testing capabilities
  • Works on USB power. No need for external power source
  • Multiple RT simulation (up to 31 RTs)
  • Loop-back and live mode generates live RT data
  • Programmable status word and mode code
  • Error injection and detection
  • Time tagging for each message
  • Message scheduling changeable in real time
  • Data and status words changeable in real time
  • New and compact rate-mode message-per-frame scheduling
  • Optional MuxView software for traffic generation and analysis
  • Optional RTs’ analog connection status reporting
  • Call back driver functions