As a result of increased interest for communication systems in the US military frequency band 4.4GHz to 5GHz (C-band), European Antennas has developed two high gain flat-panel Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) antennas of the ‘one-foot’ and ‘two-foot’ USA style, that are just 1in (25mm) thick. The company has found that usage has also increased in other countries as national governments allocate subsections of this band.

The 4.4GHz to 5GHz band, with its wider bandwidth, is providing greater flexibility and security for communication systems. A major advantage is that commercially available radio systems based on WLAN and WiMAX technologies can be converted to this military-designated band, enabling a system to be developed and deployed quickly.


These two new directional antennas have well defined, low side-lobe patterns for use within military and homeland security applications for point-to-point single-hop data links and as the ‘subscriber’ in point-to-multipoint systems.

The antennas are of robust construction, with aluminium housings and flat, glass fibre radomes, extremely slim for a discreet appearance and available in dark green, black or tan. Other customisations can be undertaken.


The ‘one-foot’ antenna, reference FPA20-47V/1323, has 20dBi gain, 14° azimuth by 14° elevation beam pattern, and measures 225mm square by 22mm (10.42in by 1in).


The ‘two-foot’ antenna, reference FPA26-47V/1322, has 26dBi gain with 6° azimuth by 6° elevation beam pattern, and measures 600mm square by 24mm (23.62in by 1in). Both are available with optional mounting kits to suit most types of installation.

These developments complement the existing range of over 20 antennas within the 4.4GHz to 5GHz band. This range includes sector and multi-sector antennas, low gain wide angle antennas and omni-directional antennas with gains from 2dBi to 9dBi. Many have circular polarisation, which is favoured for ground-to-air communications, helicopters and UAVs. Further developments in this band include dual polarised and multi-panel sector antennas where diversity is required for COFDM applications.

These two new antennas are part of European Antennas’ growing range of COTS antennas, which are used in defence applications but provide commercial prices and development timescales.

All antennas are modelled, developed, tested and manufactured on-site to ensure that specifications are optimised. The company’s spherical near field test facility ensures that prototype and manufactured antennas meet radiation pattern requirements and quoted specifications. Full support documentation is available.