Login Crete AB has announced the addition of a Gigabit Ethernet Switch to the established 19"/2™ range of rugged computing and communications networking products.

The new Gigabit Switch extends the scope of the 19"/2 product line, keeping pace with developments in the networking field and providing the latest technology to the military and governmental market. In common with the existing 19"/2 products the Gigabit Switch is designed to be used in the most exacting environmental and electromagnetic environments as found in deployed applications in wheeled and tracked vehicles, shelters and man-portable containers.

The Gigabit Switch is a managed switch capable of operation at 10/100/1,000Mbps speeds. The 19"/2 Gigabit Switch maintains the mechanical format of "half 19in rack" width with a 1U height and 180mm depth. The unit is fully sealed and has no moving parts (fans), giving high reliability in dusty and hot conditions.

The connectors can be sealed versions of industrial RJ45 or miniature circular pattern connectors for more demanding applications. A version of the Gigabit Switch with fibre-optic connectivity is in development. The design of the Gigabit Switch provides not only a small footprint (and volume) and low weight but also low power consumption which in turn generates less heat, a factor in military vehicles with already stressed air conditioning plants.

The Gigabit Switch takes its place in the 19"/2 alongside a computer/server, router, RAID system and several variants of LAN switches, all of which can be supported by a UPS in the same format.

Login Crete is based in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, where the 19"/2 products are designed, tested and manufactured. As a long-term supplier to the Swedish and other Nordic defence forces, Login Crete operates a BS9000 approved quality system.

Login Crete has the engineering, test and production facilities to produce custom variants of the 19"/2 range in short time scales as well as production runs to agreed delivery schedules.

The 19"/2 range of products is available to authorised UK Government customers via the ICS Catalogue (operated by DE&S ISS Commercial Services).

For additional information on the Gigabit Switch, the 19"/2 range or Login Crete please contact David Cockarill, director of business development of Login Crete Ltd, at St Andrews Castle, St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3PH. Alternatively call Mr Cockarill on 01284 775755, fax 07775 515405 or email