Using environmentally-friendly kegs, preserving keg quality, and maintaining flavour and aroma of beer have been major concerns of beer distributors worldwide. A solution has been developed to address these concerns using Klinge Corporation’s tank container refrigeration units (Model TCR-109).

World leading tank container manufacturer UBH International along with their customer, US-based B. United International, have designed and built a system for transporting rare, artisanal brews, such as Harviestoun’s ‘Bitter & Twisted’ and ‘Ola Dubh’, Thornbridge Hall’s ‘Jaipur IPA’, and JW Lees’ ‘Moonraker’, as well as many others.

With this new design, each tank container has been divided into four separate compartments in order to transport multiple brews in one shipment. One of Klinge Corporation’s tank container refrigeration units is mounted to the tanker to cool the beer during transport. The total tank capacity is 14,000 litres.

Klinge Corporation sales manager, Jason Flynn, says: “Through the use of our reliable microprocessor controller, Klinge’s TCR-109 keeps the beer at a temperature range of +1°C (+32°F) to +3°C (+33°F) during transport. This range effectively places the brew in a deep sleep, preserving flavour and aroma.”

Klinge Corporation has designed a more compact version of its side mounted tank container refrigeration unit (TCR-109) to allow for more cargo space. The weight has also been reduced by 133kg (293lb).

The TCR-109 heats and cools the tanks cargo by circulating brine or synthetic oil around external cooling coils in the tank. Cargo may be maintained at temperatures from -29°C (-20°F) to +29°C (84°F) and will function satisfactorily in ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +50°C (+122°F).

The unit is designed so the mechanical section fits on the side of the container and the electrical control box is at the end of the container where it is easily accessible.