OPCW has renewed its contract with Hotzone Solutions for the provision of non destructive evaluation (NDE) training courses to NDE specialists

Following the accomplishment of its first ‘in-house’ NDE training course to OPCW inspectors back in December 2010, Hotzone Solutions just delivered a six week NDE training course to OPCW NDE specialists.

From 23 May-1 July, 2011, HZS consultants have delivered a NDE certified training course to OPCW inspectors, at OPCW offices. The purpose was to provide OPCW NDE specialists the opportunity to practice and improve their technical skills and theoretical knowledge with different NDE methods.

The methods used were:

  • Radiography (X-RAY)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UPE)
  • Hydrogen concentration measurement (HCM)

The delivery of the course went well and the successful NDE specialists were certified in accordance with international standards.

This new cooperation with OPCW certainly reflects the high-standard quality training Hotzone Solutions delivers.