DVD 2010 provides an outstanding opportunity for Iveco Defence Vehicles to exhibit some of the results of the extraordinary degree of innovation and investment in which
the company has been engaged over the past 12 months. The company’s focus for DVD is on developments which have been undertaken on existing platforms, improving utility, capacity and capability and ensuring that they continue to meet the user’s evolving requirement.

The three principal platforms which will be displayed will be

  • The newly developed 4 x 4 version of the Daily
  • The LMV, seen in a number of different variants
  • The 8 x 8 Trakker chassis, configured with a protected cab

The Daily 4 x 4 is a newly developed variant of the popular commercial chassis. A cost effective and rugged logistics solution, the version on display is fitted with a system which allows a number of different bodies to be fitted to the same platform via an on-board mount/dismount system. This further enhances the platform’s flexibility allowing one chassis to fulfil a variety of different roles and reducing the total fleet size required.

The LMV’s continued commercial success owes much to Iveco’s commitment to improving and further developing the design to match the user’s needs. The variants on display include a new protected utility version, which combines a higher payload with a larger cabin and a lightweight load platform. This vehicle, designed to meet the increasing demands for an effective light protected logistics platform, also incorporates a generic vehicle architecture and systems information exploitation capability, both developed according to the evolving defence standards by
companies working jointly with Iveco. The stand will also feature a special forces variant of the LMV which has attracted very considerable interest from a number of
countries, including both existing users and new potential customers.

At the heavy end, the stand will exhibit the extremely successful 8 x 8 Trakker chassis with its leading edge ballistic steel protected cab. Combining the proven
durability and off road mobility of the COTS Trakker chassis with the best protection currently available, this vehicle offers a highly cost effective and versatile heavy
protected logistics solution. The platform is already in service in a number of configurations, including as a self loading dump truck for the UK, and as an NBC decontamination vehicle and fuel tanker for Germany.