FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit two innovative additions to its product line at IDEX 2009 in Abu Dhabi, from 22 to 26 February 2009 (in hall 10, at booth D36 in the Belgian Pavilion).

The SCAR™ Assault Rifle: Fully tested and approved by Special Forces operators

The full line of SCAR rifles includes a 5.56mmx45mm NATO rifle called SCAR-L (‘light’), the 7.62mmx51mm NATO SCAR-H (‘heavy’) and an enhanced grenade launcher module called the FN40GL.

Because of its unique, modular design, the SCAR rifle barrels (CQC or standard length) are easily and quickly interchangeable by the individual operator in just minutes, allowing for rapid reconfiguration of the rifle for a variety of operational roles. The SCAR rifle is completely ambidextrous with a fully free-floating barrel for exceptional accuracy. It features multiple integral Picatinny type mounting rails and a telescopic, folding buttstock with adjustable cheekpiece.

The SCAR is designed for easy operator and armorer level maintenance; barrels can be changed by the operator in less than five minutes without loss of previously established zero.

The 40mm LV launcher can be quickly mounted underneath either the SCAR-L or SCAR-H, or it may be configured as a stand-alone launcher with a telescopic buttstock. Like the SCAR rifle, the FN40GL is a completely ambidextrous and ergonomic design. It features Picatinny type rails for add-on sights and a forward opening for extraction and automatic ejection of the grenade case, as well as a side opening for long grenades and easy chamber inspection.

The FN Herstal LRWS: A light remote station with extreme angles of elevation and depression for close-in defense

The light remotely operated weapon station (LRWS), designed and built by FN Herstal, detects, identifies and engages the threat while keeping the operator fully secure and safe from harm.

The FN Herstal LRWS can be mounted on any low payload vehicle or installed in a static position to protect sensitive sites such as embassies, security agencies, military facilities and secured border environments.

The modular design of the LRWS allows for the mounting of several different infantry weapons (including the well-proven 5.56mmx45mm MINIMI 5.56, 7.62mmx51mm MINIMI 7.62 and 7.62mmx51mm MAG machine guns) and different optical sensor packages according to customer specifications.

The LRWS features unique operating angles; +80° elevation for allowing engagement of targets situated on the roof of high buildings, -60° depression for allowing engagement of targets when the station is mounted on a mast or on the top of a building.

A number of options enhance the effectiveness of the LRWS. These options include:

  • Laser range finder (LRF)
  • Ballistic computer
  • Night sight
  • Ballistic protection
  • Higher ammo box capacity
  • Stabilisation
  • Target tracking

With the LRWS, the operator can fulfil a wide variety of missions: liaison and patrolling, border control and observation, perimeter defence, VIP transportation, self-defence and urban border, to name a few.

For more information regarding FN Herstal’s innovative product line, visit us at our booth at IDEX 2009, in the Belgian Pavilion (hall 10, booth no. D36) or go to our website.