Earlier this month, Hotzone Solutions (HZS) signed a partnership agreement with Zepcam.

Zepcam is an Amsterdam-based company that develops body-worn video recording systems for professional use. Its products are used for hand-free video recording by police, fire departments, and other public safety officers. The Zepcam body-worn video systems allow gathering of video evidence and help increase personnel safety.

Three weeks ago, Zepcam agreed to lend HZS two (Zepcam TI) devices, to be used during our live agent training.

Zepcam equipment will increase HZS’ range of capability and scenario training, thanks to video footage providing excellent insight into any field situation. With these body-worn video recording systems, HZS will soon have the possibility to deliver even more interactive courses also relying on training videos. In fact, by having the opportunity to watch their peers in real situations, students will be able to better prepare themselves before their live agent training.

By introducing this new piece of equipment, HZS shows once again its commitment to delivering training reflecting actual CBRNe incident conditions.