Colibrys has announced today the release of the MS9001.D, a MEMS-based tilt sensor targeted at industrial and aerospace markets for use typically in platform stabilization applications. The product has already been qualified for example in conjunction with satellite communication and scanning radar antennas, remote surveillance cameras, industrial table-tops or fire-control servo-systems.

Silicon-based MEMS accelerometers offer substantial advantages as precision tilt sensors in terms of size, power consumption and cost. In some specific applications precision, stability and reliability must be assured whilst operating in harsh environments. The Colibrys MEMS sensors have been demonstrated to eliminate these concerns whilst offering exceptionally high precision and linearity almost independently of the operating environment.

According to Stephan Gonseth, product development manager at Colibrys, “This new product is Colibrys’ first MEMS-based motion sensor designed specifically for use as a ±1g tilt, control and measurement applications. The MS9001.D is offering the traditional advantages of Colibrys inertial products, such as long term stability, low temperature coefficient or high reliability under harsh environments on top of low power and low noise, generally required for precise measurements.”

It is available worldwide through the Colibrys distribution network in a standard small LCC 20 ceramic package configuration of 8.9mm x 8.9mm.