On Monday, May 17th 2011, Hotzone Solutions (HZS) and NBC-Sys signed a cooperation agreement.

From design and manufacturing to customer support, NBC-Sys is a leading expert in various technologies for protection against nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical threats (CBRN). Its range of products covers detection (chemical and biological), individual protection (gas masks, filtering canisters, air conditioning and filtration installed onboard vehicles or in buildings), as well as decontamination (aircraft, vehicles, sensitive equipment and people).

Combined with a dynamic training policy, their expertise covers the following fields: chemistry, biology, thermics, aerodynamics, plastics, electronics (hard and soft), measurements and tests, as well as ergonomics. Furthermore, NBC-Sys products are present worldwide, particularly in Europe, Asia and in the Persian Gulf.

Following their first meeting during IDEX 2011, NBC-Sys agreed to provide support to HZS through the lending of their equipment for HZS’s well-known live warfare agent training. This new cooperation agreement allows HZS to further increase and diversify its training capabilities and services, so to be always able to customize its services and meet each customer’s needs.