Oxley, a renowned designer and manufacturer of LED lighting, recently unveiled a unique, multi-functional light capable of providing different lighting options all from within a single 20mm-high unit.

The low-profile Combi Light offers normal, emergency and blackout lighting modes. Suitable for military shelters, forward command positions and ground control stations, the
light has been designed for use in applications where space and height restrictions, light leakage and durability are key concerns.

The standard white mode delivers crystal-clear illumination and incorporates a dimming function to suit individual environments. The Combi Light’s emergency mode utilises separate LEDs powered by a rechargeable battery and provides more than 45mins of illumination when fully charged.

The red blackout mode is triggered by signal and the LED technology ensures any unwanted residual glare is eliminated. This is particularly important in scenarios where shelters are positioned in potentially hostile terrain. Other colour options are also available.

Packaging this additional functionality within a single low-profile unit removes the need for separate lighting fixtures. The use of LEDs ensures virtually maintenance-free deployment with a minimum working life of 50,000h. There is also no need to deal with the problem of storing and replacing bulbs, while the absence of mercury allows for safe disposal.

Sealed to IP64, the lights utilise a 100/230V universal AC input and enjoy the benefits of having CE marking.

The Combi Light is part of a growing portfolio of area lighting products being developed by Oxley. This includes standard white mode flat lights for shelters and field hospitals, tent lights and miniature floodlights for vehicle interiors. Work is also underway on a new,
smaller version of the Combi Light to suit more restricted shelter environments.

Oxley will be exhibiting its area lighting products at DVD 2009, which takes place at Millbrook on 24 June and 25 June. Our stand number is C2-27. Oxley flat lights and Combi Lights will also be displayed inside a Marshall Land Systems shelter at both DVD and DSEi. At the former
event this will be situated on the Marshall Land Systems stand at SP6.