Bohemia Interactive is excited to announce the imminent release of four new products, all of which will be demonstrated at ITEC this year.

There are two new VBS2 modules, VBS2Fires and VBS2Fusion, and the company is also offering two new state-of-the-art game-based simulations: Call-For-Fire Trainer and Marksman MK1.

Bohemia Interactive has already proven its ability to modify the latest in game-based technology to meet military requirements, but these exciting new products take serious games to a new level.

VBS2Fires is an innovative desktop call-for-fire training game that couples high-fidelity indirect fire simulation with VBS2, delivering a realistic and flexible simulation that perfectly augments VBS2 as a tactical training tool. From practicing combined arms to training offensive support specialists, VBS2Fires is a very important and long-awaited capability enhancement for VBS2.

VBS2 Call-For-Fire Trainer (CFFT) employs VBS2Fires and innovative hardware design. CFFT provides cutting-edge training for forward observers through an immersive projection system and surrogate devices, at a fraction of the cost of similar systems.

VBS2 Marksman Mk1 is designed for marksmanship training and allows the use of unmodified live weapons for simulated training through lightweight plug-and-play virtual reality technology. Instead of taking your soldiers to a virtual range, take the virtual range to them.

VBSFusion is the most robust API released for VBS2 and provides unparalleled access to VBS2 internals. It is perfectly suited to integrating external AI with the VBS2 platform. VBS2Fusion is being developed in several phases and the first version will be on display at ITEC.

At ITEC 09 Bohemia Interactive and partners will provide a convincing argument in favour of game-based simulation, proving that a networked VBS2 deployment provides an immersive, high-fidelity training solution at a fraction of the price of competing simulation products.

The company will be based at booth F130, so allow them to convince you that game-based simulation can exceed your expectations.