Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS) recently provided role player support to an ADF Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE). The exercise required Calytrix to provide Afghani role players in cultural dress and accoutrements to support particular training scenarios. Calytrix teamed with two consultant security companies Lockforce Consultancy and Overwatch Group to guarantee the specific skills required of the demanding training activities.

Calytrix provided all members of the group with Afghani / Pashtu cultural material and training prior to the event. This ensured that the role players understood and communicated with basic conversational greetings, and understand the cultural nuances associated with the Afghan society. A number of members of the role playing group have recently returned from extensive tours, external to the military, in Afghanistan and their understanding of the Afghan cultural approach significantly added realism to the training event. Male and female members made up the role playing group and the entire team was integrated into the exercise scenario alongside ADF members.

Calytrix understands that this was the first time that civilian role players had supported an ADF training activity such as this. With less than two weeks notice CaTS was able to apply a group of mostly ex ADF members to the task with a true mix of recent operational and training experience.