Tactical Command Industries, a US-based tactical headset manufacturer, offers custom communication solutions through our Custom Works Division. The TCI Custom Works Division’s technical staff is able to interface our tactical headset solutions with virtually any law enforcement, military/government radio model, military aviation intercom and military vehicle intercom. This includes the PRR/H4855/Bowman/PRC-343, MBITR, PRC-148-Urban, PRC117, PRC-150, PRC-152, 5800-HH, PRC-119, PSC-5, ASIP, PRR, SINCGARS, VIC-2, VIC-3, LV2, ROVIS, TOC-NET, Tru-Link and LVIS.

We are fully capable of creating interfaces for a host of special applications and radio models offered by Thales Communications, Harris RF Communications, ITT, TETRA, Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, M/A Com, Maxon, Yeasu, Bendix King/Relm, Tait, Standard, EF Johnson and other radio manufacturers. We are known for our value-added manufacturing and customization services. Our facility is fully capable of supporting well over 300 different radio models and interfaces. Again, custom products and solutions are part of what we do at Tactical Command Industries daily. Visit our website for more details. Strategic partners, resellers and OEM clients please contact us as well.