A transportable waste water treatment and effluent recycling unit, made by Global Water Group, from Dallas, Texas, US, has been selected by the US Navy to support its San Diego-based explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operations.

“This is the greenest most environmentally correct wastewater treatment system ever made and the prototype for future military systems,” said Alan M Weiss, president and CEO of Global Water Group. “When deployed, the system can be operational within hours. When the encampment is ready to break, the system takes 24 hours to flush through. When removed, there are zero environmental problems. The system, housed in a transportable 8ft container, has been deployed on maneuvers several times with perfect green results and no extra expenses or extra labour incurred for waste disposal,” Weiss said. Until now, such systems have been used only by offshore oil and gas rigs. A second-phase system in an ISO bicon container is currently in production.

He continued, “the Navy plans to use the recycled water for maintenance and toilets, but the recycled water will be comparable in purity and taste to the cleanest natural spring water and will exceed WHO and EPA potable drinking standards, including NSF-Standard 53. Recycling of wastewater will become one of the most important processes in water conservation. Singapore, for example, recycles the effluent from its conventional wastewater process and sells the recycled wastewater as bottled water. Their NeWater brand, which meets world standards, is a top selling bottled water product in Singapore. Global’s water purification process produces quality water far in excess of world standards.

Global Water’s system is modular and easily scalable. It can be the prototype for future municipal systems, as well,” said Weiss.

“Global uses a type of aerobic biological treatment process called, extended aeration activated sludge, a super-charged environment to promote digestion of the sewage by bacteria. It was created by oil and gas industry biologists more than 30 years ago. Global Water Group’s proprietary wastewater treatment unit, however, cuts the processing time in half, and unlike conventional treatment plants, Global’s process generates virtually no sludge.

The effluent from the Global Water wastewater treatment unit flows into the recycling component, which removes remaining suspended solids down to five-microns and recycles them back to the digestive process of the wastewater treatment. All remaining effluent then is processed through Global’s proprietary LS3 water purification component where all parasites are removed, hazardous chemicals are removed, and finally, through ultra-violet light, all the remaining bacteria (e-coli) and viruses are killed or neutralised.

This process produces highly purified water available for any potable or non-potable use. The compact, self-contained systems also require minimal maintenance and technical support,” Weiss said.

Global also delivered its mobile, self-contained 300 GPH desalination systems to the EOD. These desalination systems, including the power generator, are housed in a 10ft container. The phase-two 2,500 GPD wastewater-recycling system will also be housed in a 10ft container. When coupled with the desalination container, the unit becomes a mobile 20ft total water system for an encampment of 100 to 200 personnel. The combined units can be rolled on and off a C-130 aircraft.