In today’s environment everyone wants it smaller, lighter and cheaper. It’s no different when it comes to the world of protective packaging.

Especially 19in electronics going into tough environments, where conditions also call for environmental and shock protection.
Traditionally 19in rugged enclosures and cases are either heavy and expensive or just too lightweight.

Zero engineers took on board this challenge and with input from some of its major clients have developed what they think is the perfect package.

Taking their popular Aluminium 19in commercial case for the external shell, Zero has developed a lightweight inner frame suspended in rigid close cell foam combining to make the Zero 19in Hybrid case.

Initially Zero is offering a 4u case which weighs in at an incredibly light 9kg. But the case is no lightweight; it has recently been subjected to DefStan 81/41 Military level N drop tests and passed. Loaded with a total weight of 20kg the case was subjected to a 300mm drop on all faces and corners.

If that wasn’t enough Zero then decided to subject it to a 1m level J drop test. Despite the inevitable bumps and bruises it survived, maintaining its integrity and still allowing the lids to be open and shut. The case is also sealed to a minimum rating of IP54.

Zero has high expectations that this product will more than satisfy this major gap in the case market and are already in the process of developing a 7u version for release later this year.