L-3 Space & Navigation (L-3 S&N) has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems to supply a Paladin integrated management (PIM) dynamic reference unit-hybrid-replacement (DRU-H-R) unit. This advanced precision delivery subsystem will provide accurate vehicle position and gun azimuth and elevation data to the Paladin weapon system.

Paladin is a currently fielded weapon system playing a critical role in supporting US ground forces in all phases of combat operations in Iraq. The selected L-3 S&N design will upgrade system performance by using high accuracy, combat-proven inertial sensors, currently fielded on the MLRS (M270/A1), HIMARS (M245), and IPADS (M111) weapons systems.

“This selection confirms BAE’s and the US army’s confidence in L-3 S&N’s capability to provide high precision, combat-proven inertial navigation systems (INS) solutions. It also supports the US army’s vision for a common precision fire capability and ensures the long-term sustainment of Paladin,” said Paul Wengen, president, L-3 S&N.

Mr Wengen also added that this PIM upgrade program will ensure the army’s Paladin fleet remains robust, ready and sustainable through its projected life of 2040–50.

L-3 S&N, located in Budd Lake, New Jersey, is a world premier provider of inertial instruments and integrated fire control systems to the global marketplace, and is a major supplier of high-quality pointing, guidance, control and positioning equipment for satellites, artillery and launch vehicles. The division’s products include fiber-optic and ring laser gyros, reaction wheel assemblies, position navigation units, fire control and digital battlefield solutions.

Headquartered in New York City, L-3 Communications employs over 64,000 people worldwide and is a prime system contractor in aircraft modernization and maintenance, C3ISR (command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) systems and government services. L-3 is also a leading provider of high technology products, systems and subsystems. In 2007, the company reported sales of $14 billion.