LogIn Crete, with headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden, was founded in 1989 and since then has evolved into a well-known supplier of rugged computers and special electronics designed to operate within environments where robustness, durability and functionality are a priority, even crucial.

“Our new company name, MilDef, better reflects the company’s operations and our wide product range. We want a name that is clearly associated to what we do”, says co-owner and CEO Tomas Odelid.

MilDef also symbolizes that our products meet those military standards (MIL-STD, DEF-Stan), which are most often demanded by our customers. Both the military standard and defence standard ensure that our products meet the most stringent environmental requirements and do not interfere with other equipment, such as radio receivers. The products can withstand high and low temperatures, dirt and dust, water, large shocks and vibrations.

“Our customers are found mainly in the defence industry but even in the police force, ambulance and rescue services, customs and heavy industry”, adds Tomas Odelid.

MilDef is part of MilDef Technology Corporation, a global joint venture. Together we market and sell a joint product offering to large parts of the world. The name change will also facilitate the continued expansion internationally.

Apart from the name change, nothing has changed. MilDef continues to work with the same board and management as before. Addresses and phone numbers are the same, as is the registration number.