Klinge Corporation has announced new model of its standard tank container heating unit, the 7kW TCR-110.

Production will begin July, with the first units coming off the production line in August.

Explosion-proof design available for hazardous areas

The TCR-110 is also available as an explosion-proof reefer that is certified to the ATEX Directive, which provides safety guidelines for equipment used in potentially explosive gas atmospheres. It is designed for use in hazardous Zone II and has the same 7kW capacity as the TCR-110.

Dual refrigeration system offered for hazardous or highly valuable cargo

The TCR-110 and TCR-110-ZII are available in dual versions whereby the refrigeration system is redundant. Controllers communicate to make sure that the back-up unit will start if needed. One unit is mounted on each side of the tank container.

12kW heater module and tank container heating unit

Klinge Corporation is also pleased to launch a 12kW heater module for the new TCR-110 7kW unit. This new module will be available starting in July 2015. Similarly, a heating-only unit, the TCH-112, will be available starting in July 2015 with a full enclosure.

For more information, please contact Klinge Corporation.