See Through Wall Radar System / Through Wall Imaging System is designed and developed to accurately locate live people behind walls or non-transparent barriers, and is particularly indispensable in protection operations and natural disaster rescue missions. NovoQuad Group offers a diverse range of See Through Wall Radar Systems, among which the ND-SV009 Portable 3D See Through Wall Radar System stands out for its 3D positioning function, reliable and rapid search performance and portable design.

This portable 3D through wall imaging system offers strong penetration capability, which can be employed to detect and search for live targets though common wall materials, such as concrete, soil, rock, mixed brick, floor and wood. Advanced 3D imaging technology enables it to rapidly detect and display the distance, direction, height and status of multiple moving and static targets within certain range, as well as the target quantity and their trajectories. Its compact size and light weight further enhance its practicality, effectively improving the quality and efficiency of aid and search efforts. Additionally, it boasts a simple user interface, providing clear and visual detection results.

To support our valued partners, we are currently offering a special discount on the ND-SV009 Portable 3D See Through Wall Radar System. By purchasing the sample product, our partners can enjoy this exclusive offer. With the sample in hand, our partners can conduct on-site demonstrations for end users anywhere and anytime at their convenience. Our sales and technical teams will provide support throughout the entire process. Complimentary training courses will be provided as well to equip our partners with the essential knowledge to proficiently operate and showcase the system to end users. Furthermore, special discounts on further orders will be offered to the participants in this sample program.

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