INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is one of the designated principal suppliers of US based Raytheon Technologies in regards to the Patriot and other defense programs.

In this framework, IDE was honored with a performance award from Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems for its exceptional performance, quality and on-time deliveries. Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business has instituted the annual Supplier Excellence Awards program, to recognize suppliers with outstanding service and partnership in exceeding customer requirements. Award candidates are judged on certain criteria, including overall quality and on-time delivery. IDE was one of the 34 companies recognized by Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business for a 3-Star award.

This recognition along with the continuous assignment of works for the Patriot program, extends even more the long lasting successful cooperation between the 2 companies and proves the level of services that IDE provides in its partnerships.

About IDE

IDE is the leading defense company in Greece with significant international activity. IDE designs, develops and manufactures products and systems that incorporate advanced in-house developed technologies in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical Communication and Information Systems, Border and Area Security solutions, Hybrid Electric Power Systems and Unmanned Surface and Air platforms.

IDE is a registered NATO supplier and participates in international development and production programs, as well as in international collaborations for the production and export of defense equipment.