FNSS designed and developed the PARS SCOUT vehicle with its own resources, with the initiation of the tender process by the Presidency of Defence Industries for the development of Special Purpose Vehicle in line with the needs of Turkish Armed Forces.

PARS SCOUT as a product of FNSS R&D studies, with enhanced situational awareness and the high personnel comfort, stands out as a more suitable vehicle for reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

PARS SCOUT, being the first 6×6 and 8×8 armored vehicle class to be registered in Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory via the Special Purpose Vehicle contract signed between FNSS and Presidency of Defence Industries, was designed modularly by FNSS engineers in line with the project objectives with a high localization rate and can be configured as per future requirements.

Special efforts have been made to localize vehicle’s subsystem. Products have been developed with R&D projects, to increase the localization rate of the vehicle and all the domestic sub-systems developed were tested. PARS SCOUT, executing effective cooperation with SMEs and subcontractors in the development of subsystems, is a candidate to be an exemplary project in collaboration within the defense industry ecosystem.

The fully independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system, which gives the vehicle the highest wheel travel of its class, and ensures the best road grip under different road conditions. The central tire inflation system allows the driver to adjust tire pressures according to different terrain conditions. The family of vehicles that have fording capability, can also gain the amphibious ability according to the requirements of the user thanks to its optional amphibious feature.

FNSS demonstrated competencies of Turkish engineers during the design phase of PARS SCOUT vehicle family and the strength of the local supply chain as well as its own capabilities during the development process. In addition to offering a cost effective life cycle with the highest localization rate in its class, thanks to the cooperation with domestic subcontractors, proven its capacity for developing domestic and national vehicles by keeping availability for spare parts in top level.