Nurol Makina Hungary, officially established in Budapest by Nurol Makina, is participating her first exhibition at International Defence Exhibition Bratislava, IDEB 2022 held at Incheba between 10-12 May.

Slovakia is a country where Nurol Makina has actively working for years. This is the third IDEB exhibition for Nurol Makina and Nurol Makina vehicles have been tested by Slovak Ministry of Defence several times in the past.

Nurol Makina’s indigenous Ejder Yalcin vehicle’s mortar configuration is exhibited in the exhibition. The RAGNAROK (MWS120) automated 120mm mortar weapon system of Rheinmetall is integrated on Ejder Yalçın vehicle at Hungary, whose qualification tests were carried out recently with a big success.

Nurol Makina supplies Gidrán 4×4 armored vehicles, which is an Ejder Yalcin customized to Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) specific mission requirements. There are several configurations of Gidrán vehicles supplied to HDF, one of which Fighting vehicle configuration is also displayed at open air part of the IDEB exhibition.

Nurol Makina has been continuing its collaborations in the provision of land platforms for nearly 30 years, and is committed to long-term, mutually beneficial industrial collaborations involving close interactions with its partners and customers, both at home and abroad.

Nurol Makina officials are welcoming the visitors at the indoor booth Hall D No: 104.

About Nurol Makina Hungary

Nurol Makina officially established its company in Budapest, Hungary, in December 2021 and signed an MOU for local production of 4×4 armored vehicles with Hungarian authorities in April 2022. The aim is to supply 4×4 armored vehicles for Hungarian Defence Forces as well as promoting cooperation with regional countries.