Having created a class of its own with its outstanding levels of protection, mobility and payload capacity, EJDER YALÇIN will make another appearance in the global arena at Eurosatory 2018, held in Paris, France, on 11-15 June. This will be the first time Nurol Makina will be showcasing the platform at Eurosatory, which has already won significant praise from its users worldwide.

During the exhibition, EJDER YALÇIN will be presented in half desert, half khaki camouflage to highlight the adaptability of the vehicle to different environments, and to underline its selection by different countries around the world with very different climates. Having carried out successful missions under a broad range of geographical conditions in various regions, EJDER YALÇIN has passed all tests with full marks in such diverse geographical regions, from the Sahara Desert to the mountains and steppes of Central Asia. Moreover, the platform has already proven its combat-worthiness after having served in different conflicts and engagements in countries that have the vehicle in their inventory. EJDER YALÇIN’s performance in this regard has allowed users to execute their missions with confidence, while keeping the enemy at bay.

Having proven its capabilities and potential several times, EJDER YALÇIN continues to offer many advantages to its users, and one development that hit the headlines about EJDER YALÇIN recently is its acquisition of unmanned, remote-control capabilities. As with all other Nurol Makina vehicles, EJDER YALÇIN’s inherent design facilitates remote-controlled operation, presenting users with a whole new range of options and capabilities, such as rapid deployment in mission areas, and unmanned remote control against threats during missions.

Turning the excitement it has generated in international markets into concrete deals and orders over the course of 2017, EJDER YALÇIN has been the choice of five different countries to date.

More than 400 vehicles have already been delivered, while confirmed orders are in place for 500 more. Depending on user preference, the vehicles can be delivered in different configurations and with different mission payloads. Nurol Makina is currently projecting 1,400 orders for EJDER YALÇIN, and the figures given above are testament to the platform’s robust and well-established design, as well as the company’s readiness to support, through its production efforts, the long lifecycle of its vehicles and associated spare parts.

Engin Aykol, General Manager and CEO of Nurol Makina, expressed their excitement at showcasing the EJDER YALÇIN at Eurosatory 2018: “EJDER YALÇIN has become one of the most attention-grabbing vehicles at events such as this, with official delegations all keen to take a closer look. During Eurosatory 2018 we’ll be introducing EJDER YALÇIN to delegations with which we have kept in contact from all around the world.

“We always say that the EJDER YALÇIN has created a class of its own, and right now, we have no competitors in the same segment that can offer a similar level of proven mobility performance, protection and payload transport capability altogether. We are confident that this unrivalled vehicle will go on to meet the critical needs of different countries, and that the number of users will continue to grow.”