In April 2022, our team have successfully delivered several sets of ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone Systems to the Police Department in Southeast Asia. After passing the acceptance test, including several rounds of field tests and inspections, these anti-drone systems have been deployed at the borders to protect low-altitude safety.

Based on the application scenario and technical requirements, through full communication with the customer’s technical team, our team designed and customized the anti-drone solution with its ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System for this project.

This standard anti-drone system consists of radar, directional jammer, camera and software control system. By adopting 3D active phased-array radar, the system achieves long detection distance and multi-target detection capability, which could search and detect more than 200 drone targets simultaneously within long range. The camera system has been upgraded with visible camera and laser illuminator, which could track drone targets over long distance for endless 360-degree without dead ends.

Through the software control system, the operator could easily control each device, including parameter setting and imputing operation commands. The detected drone targets will be displayed as icons on the software map, with their trajectories and detailed information. With this comprehensive and convenient anti-drone system, the operator could accurately and rapidly respond and handle with the invading drones within the protected areas.

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