Barrett Communications has launched the 4077 HF Map Track system. This solution provides a fully automated, scalable and independent situational awareness system for commercial, non-government, and government agencies alike.

This HF tracking solution is independent of infrastructure, has no ongoing costs of operation, and offers greater data security through encrypted transmissions to all locations and weather conditions.

Barrett CEO Andrew Burt said: “This product has been designed for enhanced reliability and asset monitoring, whilst being intuitive to use. No operator training is required as it is fully automated. A unique aspect to this system is that all maps are open source and downloadable, ensuring system operability even in locations where internet access is unreliable or restricted.”

When paired with the Barrett 4050 HF SDR Transceiver, the 4077 HF Map Track system effectively eliminates the field operator’s need to manually send GPS transmissions. The Barrett 4050’s ‘GPS Push’ feature automates multi-channel encrypted GPS transmissions from the mobile(s) to the tracking station where the 4077 Map Track system plots and displays on multi-level mapping software.

The automated ‘GPS push’ feature of the transceiver enables much greater reliability and occurrence of GPS tracking data, providing the operator with enhanced up to date tracking information helping to ensure fleet security.