Three new products have now been added to the Duroxite range of overlay solutions from SSAB: Duroxit  AP ELECTRODEDuroxite AP WIRE and  Duroxite CR-ZERO WIRE. The new wire and electrode products make our Duroxite product range even more versatile for wear part manufacturers and industries performing wear part maintenance and repairs. The Duroxite portfolio now covers overlay plates with different hardfacing materials, overlay pipes, overlay pins, welding wire and electrodes, says Lingyun Wei, Global Product Manager Duroxite.

All-position, all-purpose wire and rod

As the names suggest, Duroxite AP ELECTRODE and Duroxite AP WIRE have properties that make them suitable for all-position (AP) welding, including flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welding.

Both these products provide excellent durability for equipment that is subjected to metal-to-metal wear, metal-to-earth wear, abrasive wear and impact. Up to three layers can be applied, depending on the wear conditions.

Duroxite AP ELECTRODE and Duroxite AP WIRE are well suited for the fabrication of new parts as well as maintenance and repair work. The deposited hardfacing layer consists of medium alloy martensite and can be applied to carbon, low alloy and manganese steels.

When no-chrome welding is a requirement

Duroxite CR-ZERO WIRE is targeted to overlay welding situations where it is difficult to protect the welder from the emission of hexavalent chromium smoke.

This hardfacing wire for open arc welding achieves its excellent wear resistance from boron carbides instead of chromium carbides, making it the preferred material in on-site repair work, for example.

Duroxite CR-ZERO WIRE allows for single or double hardfacing layers. When applying two layers, the typical wear resistance of 0.18 g maximum weight loss in the ASTM G65 wear test is maintained from the surface down to 75% of the hardfacing layer.

Examples of wire and electrode applications

Duroxite protects against wear in industries such as mining, quarries, cement and concrete production, recycling and agriculture. The following are some examples of suitable applications for Duroxite wire and electrode products: Bucket teeth, tillage tools, bucket lips, bucket sides, cutting edges, sand dredge equipment, dragline buckets, conveyor chutes, grizzly bars, screw flights, metal shredders, sliding metal parts, tire shredder knives, extruder screws, tamper feet, churn drills and muller tires.

Worldwide availability

Duroxite AP ELECTRODE, Duroxite AP WIRE and Duroxite CR-ZERO WIRE – as well as other Duroxite products – are available from SSAB, and through the global wear service network Hardox Wearparts, with more than 500 centers in around 100 countries.