A staggering 189 countries have opened avenues for women to serve in their militaries. As of 2023, a record 13 countries have women serving as Ministers of Defence. Several countries, like Chile and Australia, have seen a significant rise in the number of women serving in their navies, whereas countries like Canada and Brazil have successfully trained and deployed women in elite special operations teams. Some countries have made significant strides towards gender equality in their armed forces. Norway and Sweden, with their equal conscription policies, have a more balanced representation. This marks a significant shift from the past and highlights the growing acceptance of women in defence roles.

Global Defence and Homeland Security company MKU Limited has showcased its groundbreaking range of female body armour at Eurosatory 2024. This innovative product line underscores MKU’s commitment to providing women in the army and law enforcement agencies with the highest standards of protection, comfort, and efficiency.

In the modern military and law enforcement landscape, women face the same threats and challenges as their male counterparts. However, standard body armour often falls short of offering the optimal protection and comfort required by female personnel due to anatomical differences. Ill-fitting armour can restrict movement, cause discomfort, and fail to provide adequate protection, putting female soldiers at higher risk.

The company’s range of ballistic vests, plate carriers, and high-performance, lightweight soft and hard armour inserts for women are meticulously engineered to accommodate the female form. These solutions offer NIJ Level IIA to NIJ Level IV protection, ensuring that every woman in uniform can perform her duties with confidence and safety. Central to their female body armour is the Radial Design Technique, a pioneering approach that creates protective gear contoured to the unique anatomy of female soldiers. This ensures a snug fit that enhances both mobility and comfort.

Women in uniform can benefit from MKU’s range of female body armour in many ways:

Ergonomic Fit: Designed to fit the unique contours of a woman’s body, providing better weight distribution and minimizing discomfort during prolonged use.

Enhanced Mobility: The tailored fit allows for a greater range of motion, essential for dynamic and unpredictable tactical operations.

Breathable Materials: Smart materials ensure durability and breathability, even in harsh conditions.

Lightweight and Flexible: Reduces fatigue and allows agile movements without compromising protection.

“We are incredibly proud to showcase our range of female body armour at Eurosatory 2024,” said Mr Neeraj Gupta, managing director of MKU. “This represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower women in uniform. By addressing their specific needs, we are enhancing their safety and comfort and reinforcing their vital role in defence and law enforcement. Our commitment is to ensure that every woman who wears our armour can face her duties with unmatched confidence and resilience.”

The range of female body armours offered by MKU includes:

  1. TAC-I-FIIA+
    • A female tactical over-vest specially designed over-vest with Level III+ protection
    • Features a laser cut MOLLE system for additional gear, a smart waist belt for uniform load distribution, and heat dissipation mesh fabric
  1. TAC-F-II (FR)
    • A female tactical vest and plate carrier that is comfortable, flexible and multi-functional, specially designed for female soldiers
    • Available in a variety of cup sizes to ensure comfort for all female body shapes
    • Can be worn as a soft body armour only or in conjunction with a hard armour insert and can also be worn as a plate carrier with a standalone armour insert
  1. PRO-F-IIA
    • A comfortable, thin, lightweight, and flexible female officer over vest with Level IIIA protection
    • Incorporates an advanced quick-release system for rapid removal
  2. COV-F-IIA
    • Lightweight and flexible female adjustable covert vest with Level SK1 protection
    • Available in various cup sizes, made from smart stretch fabrics that contour to the body
  3. COV-F-IA
    • Highly concealed and comfortable female covert vest with moisture-wicking and sweat-management properties
    • Designed for maximum comfort during prolonged usage
  1. COV-F-II (FR)
    • Female covert vest with a smart ergonomic design that fits female officers perfectly
    • Ensures a fit as close as possible to the body of the wearer without hindering their mobility or their breathing capacity