MKU Limited, a global leader in advanced ballistic protection solutions, continues to set benchmarks in platform protection with its Kavro Platform Protection Solutions. With over four decades of experience, MKU has established itself as a trusted provider of ballistic protection solutions for a wide range of aircraft models, land vehicles and naval vessels.

The Kavro Platform Protection Solutions offered by MKU feature smart and modular ballistic protection solutions specifically designed to address unique challenges faced by rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, lightweight ballistic protection solutions for Land Vehicles, Land Platforms and Objects, and smart solutions for lightweight armouring for all types of small and large naval vessels. Certified as per Aerospace Standard AS 9100:2009 and with EN 9100 quality procedures, MKU offers end-to-end solutions in the design, development, manufacturing, and integration of lightweight composite armour for platforms and vehicles.

Depending upon the threat perception, operating requirements & budget criteria, the ballistic protection solutions offered by MKU for vehicles, land platforms and objects can be integrated in multiple ways including, but not limited to, pre-engineered stand-alone armour, add-on armour, spall liners respectively.

The ballistic protection solutions for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft use precision-engineered composite armour panels, which are retrofitted onto the aircraft with patented aero-grade attachment systems. Their smart design allows them to be integrated into the aircraft without modifying or requiring any structural changes to the aerodynamics of the platform. Keeping in mind the multi-role nature of rotary-winged platforms, the armour panels and kits can be easily removed in full or in part and re-mounted onto the platform with minimum hassle.

Kavro platform solutions for all types of small and large naval vessels provide protection against threats from Small Arms, Handguns, and Rifles. MKU’s expert team is well equipped to handle all critical challenges of integrating ballistic protection solutions in critical areas and to the complex curves of a naval vessel. Ballistic protection solutions from Platform Protection can be integrated into the vessel during build-up or can be added later per customers’ requirements.

MKU’s commitment to pilot and aircraft safety is exemplified by the successful completion of several projects across Europe. For German Forces, MKU seamlessly retrofitted CH-53 helicopters, ensuring NIJ Level III protection standards. MKU’s advanced ballistic protection solutions were also employed in retrofitting MK41 Sea King helicopters for them, providing NIJ Level III protection in addition to equipping UH-1D helicopters with SK1 and SK3 level protection for the pilots and crew members. The company has also provided armouring of German army containers and frigates.

Moving beyond Germany, MKU has also collaborated with Czechia Forces for Mi-17 helicopters. Through the integration of MKU’s solutions, the Mi-17 cockpits achieved STANAG Level II protection. Swiss Forces have also benefitted from MKU’s advanced ballistic protection solutions, with their Super Puma helicopters being retrofitted to meet NIJ Level III standards.