In line with the long-term plans for continued international expansion and growth, MilDef Group AB performs a series of structural and organisational changes. These changes are designed to facilitate future acquisitions, new subsidiary establishments, and to enable efficient organic growth.

The subsidiary structure of MilDef Group AB is updated as follows:

  • All functions except sales in MilDef AB are moved to a new company, MilDef Products AB, which will contain the corporate functions for product development, supply chain, production, service, and product management
  • MilDef AB becomes a pure sales company, with responsibility for our business in Sweden and the markets where MilDef does not have a local sales company

Combined with the homecoming of Tomas Odelid, CEO MilDef Group AB, after the successful establishment of MilDef’s US operations, this new structure also triggers a set of organisational changes.

With an expressed strategy of promoting leaders from within the company, new and existing management positions are filled by MilDef staff (those not listed retain their current positions):

  • Tomas Odelid, CEO MilDef Group AB, is appointed Executive chairman of the board in MilDef Group AB
  • Jan Andersson leaves the position as Chairman of the board in MilDef Group AB as a result of the organisational changes. We thank Jan for an outstanding performance in our board where the fundamental base for future growth has been set.
  • Björn Karlsson, formerly MD in MilDef AB, becomes CEO of MilDef Group AB
  • Fredrik Jacobsson, formerly Director of Sales & Marketing in MilDef AB, becomes MD in MilDef AB
  • Duncan Skinner, MD in MilDef UK, also takes on the role as (interim) President in MilDef US
  • Adam Mentel, formerly Director of Service & Production in MilDef AB, becomes MD in MilDef Products AB
  • Fredrik Persson, formerly Director of Research & Development in MilDef AB, becomes deputy MD in MilDef Products AB

The resulting corporate structure is aligned with our intent to carry forward the speed and agility of a small, entrepreneurial organisation, combined with the reach and power of a global team.

“Over the last 20 years, we have carefully built an international presence through high-quality products and outstanding loyalty towards our customers,” says Tomas Odelid, Executive chairman of the board, MilDef Group AB.

“Now it’s time to launch the organisation we need for the future,” concludes Tomas.

The organisational changes are valid from 1 January.

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