Circuits are constantly improving to serve new applications for a wide range of electronics, from portable robots to surgical monitoring, control circuits and on to key military systems. As circuit signal speeds increase and are reduced in size, the proximity of the signal-to-signal interference and crosstalk can become an issue. Mil-Spec connectors and cabled interconnections are used in a variety of mission critical and high reliability applications ranging from military avionics, unmanned robotics, satellites, and soldier worn systems. Adding a backshell to the interconnect design helps protect sensitive electronics from EMI and crosstalk as well as providing a mechanical strain relief for the wires or cable.

A backshell is a separate metallic piece that screws onto a Micro-D or Nano-D connector shell. It can be added at any point prior to the completion of a wire harness or cable assembly. For a more robust solution, integrated backshells can be used. An integrated backshell is machined as part of the Micro-D or Nano-D housing. This solution provides 360 degree EMI shielding and eliminates the need for screws. Because integrated backshells are an integral part of the connector housing, they are more secure and take less time to assemble.

Micro-D and Nano-D back-shells are designed to protect the back end of the connector. Backshells provide strain relief to the cable or wires, which, in extreme environments, prevents mechanical stress and damage to the contacts. Connector backshells also provide additional EMI protection when they are used as a grounding point for the cable shield, a ground wire, or when braiding is added over the wires. Often times, with a backshell, random electrical signal noise is bled off the cable and shell onto a grounding circuit.

Many design formats are available for Micro-D and Nano-D backshells, including two piece solutions, straight, 45°, 90°, oval or round wire/cable exit, and with two distinct wire/cable exits. These backshell designs are available for all standard Micro-D and Nano-D connector configurations, or they can be modified to meet the specific design requirements or challenges. For high reliability, mission critical applications where a standard backshell will not work, customized backshells can be designed and machined to specific shapes and functions to meet the specific design requirements or challenges of an application.