Recent global developments around the COVID-19, as Menatek Defense Technologies, we have an important medical support plan to fight against Covid-19 and the supply of the right quality medical products that we would like to illuminate all public.

As Menatek Defense Technologies, we are managing the largestsupply chain of the MENA region. Over 25 years we have been successfully delivering NATO Standard high-tech components and systems to NATO countries. One of our key speciality is the superior supply development & management skills and the uncompromising Quality Standards we require.

As Menatek, we realized the necessity to execute our supplier development profession in these distressed days due to finding good quality and hygienic products effectively. Many health institutions of nations are having trouble finding quality-wise sufficient medical products. So we decided to create MENAMED, from this point forward, we will be taking responsibility of supplying qualified medical products for Social Services & Health Care of Governments. Millions of counterfeit medical masks and other products are being peddled and degrade the importance of the quality and hygiene while the World struggles with the COVID-19 crisis. In such disgraceful behavior of some people and entities, we chose to eliminate the cloud of doubt gathered around medical products beforehand to reinforce the people fighting on the frontline of disease. Unlike unsafe distributors, we developed strong medical supplier allies that produce high quality and certified health products for Covid-19. After tiring 2 weeks of on-field audits; we are proud to announce that all products and suppliers have been inspected and audited by Menatek Defense Technologies accordingly with it’s ‘MDT Supplier Quality’ Standards.

We believe in positive values and supporting each other during these days is the most essential approach to this unfortunate global crisis. With this unfortunate experience, we will learn how to take better cautions against epidemic threats that may occur in the future.The history is the proof that no matter the magnitude of the crisis, we will emerge stronger. Please, do not hesitate to contact with us for your all your inquiries.