FN America, LLC is pleased to announce on behalf of parent company, FN Herstal, S.A., that it will showcase next-generation marksmanship training solutions, which directly support improved Squad Lethality, at the 2019 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) held on December 2-6 in Orlando, Florida.

I/ITSEC 2019 will be the first exhibition of FN’s latest technological advancements in training capabilities and the companies will have a significant presence at the world’s largest simulation and training event. The first of these technologies includes the FN Expert® marksmanship training device that provides highly accurate marksmanship instruction to both shooters and coaches, training them on fundamental shooting skills such as sight picture, breathing and trigger squeeze.

The wireless system aids in building shooter stability, muscle memory and providing feedback following the shot, and is capable of dry-fire and live-fire training on virtually any rifle or carbine, as well as select pistols.

Additionally, FN is developing immersive marksmanship training capabilities which leverage the ‘Weapon as a Sensor Platform’ (WASP) concept. To demonstrate these capabilities, FN will offer an augmented reality Close Quarters Battle (CQB) in a shoot house environment, where attendees will be able to participate in training exercises, in real-time, with real or surrogate firearms equipped with the FN Expert® and other devices.

Lastly, the FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit virtual reality trainer, where attendees will be able to fully experience the performance of FN’s fire control unit, allows for adjustment of trajectory, altering range and more, in real-time. The FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit provides a complete sighting and aiming solution for 40mm low velocity and medium velocity grenade launchers. It easily calculates trajectory and gives an adjust point of aim, enabling the grenadier to obtain first-round hits in all conditions.