INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) delivered on time to the Hellenic Army the first M109 upgrades with Hybrid GENAIRCON, which demonstrated successful performance in live firings.

IDE signed a contract with BAE Systems Land and Armaments in 2017, to integrate and commission Hybrid GENAIRCON Systems into M109 platforms of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

The system is designed, developed and produced by IDE, and is based on its Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS) product series technology. GENAIRCON is a fully integrated power management solution for military vehicles and it incorporates a Hybrid Auxiliary Power Unit (HAPU), an advanced Energy Storage System (ESS) and a Vehicle Environmental Control System (VECS), controlled by an intelligent central Power Management System.

The platform-customisable hybrid GENAIRCON is designed to provide significantly
extended ‘True Silent Watch’ capability, contributing to increased survivability in field
operations. GENAIRCON enables prolonged control of the vehicle’s thermal and noise
traces, introducing a force multiplier in the contemporary doctrine of operations.

Furthermore, the system offers significantly reduced fuel consumption and respective
maintenance requirements, which increase mission sustainability.