As part of its ongoing commitment to provide the world’s armed forces with innovative solutions, to meet their evolving operational needs, John Cockerill Defense is presenting at DSEI, for the first time in Europe, our new concept of a compact, lightweight, powerful and protected multi-mission weapon station, the Cockerill CLWS.

On the occasion of DSEI, the Cockerill CLWS is presented on the Patria stand (H7-120). John Cockerill Defense is expanding its product range by offering its new modular stabilised turret (Remote Weapon System) to equip light armoured vehicles (4×4, 6×6,…) while integrating significant fire power through a range of calibres such as 25mm, 30x113mm, 12.7mm, coax 7.62mm, rockets and anti-tank guided missiles. The 140 rounds of ready-to-fire ammunition (25mm) and 200 for the coaxial machine gun make it an ideal system for missions requiring high mobility.

Its low mass (±600kg) and compact design (height < 600mm with gun-linked optics) make it possible to benefit from a low silhouette and limited mass for all types of light armoured vehicles. Modularity, the strong point of John Cockerill Defense products, enables the Cockerill CLWS to be configured in different variants according to the mission profile and allows the integration of various equipment to increase situational awareness and provide active and passive defence systems through gun-linked or panoramic optics (360°), LWS, SGL, APS,… Armouring of the main functions is also proposed.

In addition, an innovative under-armour reloading of the main gun, from the vehicle makes it a system combining firepower, protection, lightness and modularity. A practical choice for mobility.

On the occasion of DSEI, the Cockerill CLWS is presented on the Patria stand (H7-120). Thierry Renaudin, President of John Cockerill Defense: “With the Cockerill CLWS, John Cockerill Defense once again innovates by offering a compact and lightweight modular turret that is fully remotely operated. We are confirming our leading position in the turret sector by offering a state-of-the-art weapon system that combines versatility and robustness.”

John Cockerill Defense – DSEI 2021 – stand H4-109