JDA Systems, the premier supplier of telemetry recovery equipment in Europe, will attend the International Test Conference (ITC) that will be held between the 23-26 October 2017 at the Bally’s Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, US. Come and visit us at BOOTH 2243 to see the latest systems for flight test data recovery.

You will be able to see there the JDA Systems VT-006, an L thru C band full autotracking antenna with a class-leading gain of 23dBi in S-Band. The VT-006 receives dual polarisation RF signals, feeding them through its first-stage triband cavity filters from a 60cm reflector. The dual first-stage RF wide-band amplifiers have a noise figure of only 0.45dB and its dual channel integrated all band tracking receiver (70MHz thru 6GHz) acts as the local antenna controller while still being able to recover the data and clock from the received dual RF signals, feeding these along with two amplified dual polarised RF outputs to the customer’s external telemetry recovery equipment.

JDA Systems will also be showing two completely portable telemetry ground stations, the BOB2 and the PTU2. These no-compromise dual channel telemetry recovery / recording / analysis stations, when connected to a JDA Systems tracking antenna, have everything needed to carry out a successful flight test in the field. The PTU2 can even operate fully off the grid using its dual removable dual Li-Ion battery packs.