For 130 years, Belgium-based FN Herstal has provided generations of Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with firearms that give them a clear advantage in any engagement. This proud tradition is set to continue in showcasing both newly developed and combat-proven products aiming to defeat today’s threats at Forum Entreprises Défense (FED) 2019, Versailles, France, on October 9-10, 2019.

New FN PERMAX™ 5.56 EPR and FN PROPASS™ 5.56 AP ammunition

FN Herstal has engineered the new FN PERMAX™ Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) 5.56x45mm cartridge to deliver superior performance in urban combat. Passing through barriers such as windscreens, automobile bodywork, glazing or masonry blocks to reach a protected target, the FN PERMAX™ maintains greater incapacitating effect and excellent mass retention behind barriers.

The new FN PROPASS™ Armor Piercing (AP) 5.56x45mm cartridge is ideal when the mission requires defeating hard targets using 5.56mm calibre.

New FN ARIA™ .50 RR ammunition

The FN ARIA™ .50 RR Reduced Range cartridge ensures safe and realistic training with .50 cal weapons on shooting ranges that are limited to the use of 7.62mm weapons,
thanks to its shorter maximum range (< 3,500m) than conventional .50 cal ammunition. A tracer version is also available.

Recent developments in FN® e-novation range

Alongside the FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit for 40mm LV/MV grenades and the FN® SAM Small Arms Management Solution, FN Herstal will present its latest development in the FN® e-novation portfolio: the FN® Ballistic Calculator. This compact and high-performance weapon-mounted range finder is dedicated to sniper and precision rifles, and machine guns from 5.56 to .50 cal.

Used for precision aiming, target acquisition and laser aiming, the FN® Ballistic Calculator improves squad lethality by increasing hit probability and situational awareness. This all-in-one device features a laser range finder, infrared and visible laser pointers, variable infrared laser illuminator, weather sensors, ballistic solver and connectivity options.

New Multi-Weapon System for Land Applications

FN Herstal will also showcase the new FN® LPH multi-weapon, multi-caliber system. The FN® LPH can accept either FN MINIMI® 5.56, FN MINIMI® 7.62 or FN MAG® with no modification to the pintle.

Combat-proven portable weapons

In addition to its recent developments, FN Herstal will exhibit the well-known FN SCAR® family of rifles, FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3 and 7.62 Mk3 as well as FN® MAG machine guns. Also on display this year: the Quick Change Barrel (QCB) kit that enables soldiers to quickly, easily and safely change the barrel of the .50 M2HB without assistance, providing them with better protection in the heat of battle.

Throughout its whole product range, FN Herstal offers 360-degree service support, including wide range of certified accessories.